February 15, 2016

WIP Show: ST+ART Delhi 2016

Images by ST+ART India Foundation​ & Nidhi Sharma Every winter, storytellers walk through Delhi with buckets of colours and aspiration to transform the unobserved urban walls. Celebrating ‘Art for Everyone’, this year St+art Delhi brings […]

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January 1, 2016

Most Popular Stories of 2015. The year that was.

Starting today, we begin a New Year: a new year to try, to experiment, screw up, succeed, and perhaps do a few meaningful things to be proud of next year. As we looked back at […]

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September 15, 2015

The writing’s on the wall at Tihar: A Black Elephant for St+Art India

Of all the spaces in society, one of the most forbidden and forgotten are jails. Criminals on trial or those sentenced to punishment, once part of our society, are relegated to environments that isolate them […]

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August 14, 2015

Bindis for Health, Indians in China and Open-Source-Cinema: The Week Around the Web

Our internet-scavenge pile gets shinier and shinier each week. And this is the third time we’re making your awesome weekend reading list for you so you know all about the wonderful things design is doing […]

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June 10, 2015

Street-watching with ‘the meanest Indian’, Meena Kadri

Meena Kadri, ‘the meanest indian’ on flickr, has a rather large portfolio of images from India – from portraits, travel, streets to stories. Meena’s work covers a myriad of striking visuals from across the country, […]

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February 23, 2015

St+Art Delhi 2015: This is Not Street Art!

In the pleasant mornings of February in Delhi, artists and volunteers gathered together on the streets to bring the walls to life. The 2nd edition of St+Art Delhi started on the 1st of Feb and […]

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February 11, 2015

Pune joins the street art movement with its first international festival

From the 2nd to 9th of this month, Pune witnessed the first leg of its first ever international street art festival. The Festival is a crowdsourced project, organised by Harshavardhan Kadam of Inkbrushnme, which brings […]

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St+art Mumbai Bandra

December 3, 2014

Of Graffiti Jams, Dance Battles and India’s hip-hop culture

India’s hip hop culture is loud, ambitious and often receptive to diversity: and this could not be exemplified better than at St+art Mumbai’s Graffiti Jam at Aseema school in Bandra last Saturday. “The world’s most […]

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November 24, 2014

St+art Mumbai enters its final week

St+art Mumbai is entering its final week, and you can still spot artists hard at work, finishing up their murals all around the city, especially Bandra, as well as admire some of their finished work. […]

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November 6, 2014

St+art Mumbai kicks off this weekend

Life begins the second you hit the streets of any city in India. Many artists have found inspiration in Indian street culture, in this constant hustle that you chance upon when you turn a corner […]

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