May 13, 2016

Visit: Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation

There’s a lot for art-lovers in Ladakh. The intricately carved windows, doors and furniture, an extravagant ensemble of traditional attire, textiles, and so much more. Till the 1950s, Ladakh had been the Hermit kingdom, cutoff […]

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March 21, 2016

A Hope called ‘Home’: Mumbai

Photo Credit: Niqita Gupta There is no place for home. The meaning of ‘home’ stands different for each person. Even the less fortunate amongst us have something they call ‘home’. Mumbai – a city that […]

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March 8, 2016

Last Morning of Winter by Mohit Vijh

It is the unknown which is obscured by the fog in this series that beguiles you, somewhere between the lucid points in time as people, equipment and under-construction structures emerge in focus. “Standing in front […]

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February 29, 2016

Museum Bhavan: Kiran Nadar Museum of Art

Images by Simon White Dayanita Singh has been preoccupied for some years now with evolving a portable architectural form that can function both as a site for display, and a repository for her photographs. Museum […]

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February 2, 2016

(in)verto – Where Light Meets The Shadows

images courtesy Siddharth Sadashiv Most of us go about our day without much of a thought for sunlight and the interesting shadows cast by the buildings around us. Not Siddharth Sadashiv, a young budding designer […]

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January 18, 2016

Travel Photo Jaipur 2016: A Festival on Wanderlust

The Pink City, Jaipur will witness a role reversal this February with the Travel Photo Jaipur Festival – a Festival on Wanderlust. Travel Photo Jaipur Festival, being held from 5 to 14 February 2016, will […]

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January 12, 2016

Murshidabad: Lost Gem in a Faded Crown

Funnily enough, way back in the 18th century, when the first sparks of rebellion were brewing in the Indian Sepoy ranks for what would have been a failed mass mutiny, Murshidabad was already a province […]

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January 1, 2016

Most Popular Stories of 2015. The year that was.

Starting today, we begin a New Year: a new year to try, to experiment, screw up, succeed, and perhaps do a few meaningful things to be proud of next year. As we looked back at […]

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December 28, 2015

Mumbai North: A view of Mumbai’s Suburbs from the skies.

Following the success of his two previous exhibitions, ‘Mumbai Articles’ (2014) and ‘Madras Transit’ (Aug 2015), architect Robert D. Stephens is all set to unveil his newest exhibit, Mumbai North. With this exhibit, Stephens shows the lesser appreciated charm […]

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December 14, 2015

Crystal Waters and Jewel-Hued Skies: Just Vizag by Navin Bahirwani

photos by Navin Bahirwani Navin Bahirwani says it’s the beauty of Visakhapatnam – nuzzled between green mountains on the southeastern edge of the subcontinent and the cerulean Bay of Bengal – that turned him into […]

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