November 20, 2014

Sketchnotes: Mrunal Save

By: Pratika Yashaswi

28 year old creative freelancer Mrunal Save’s visual musings are a treat. Pleasant, sinuous shapes and scalloped patterns frolic along her pages, lending an easy rhythm to her drawings. Her lines are graceful, and her colouring, minimal. Her fondness for nature-inspired, floral and decorative designs makes them distinctively feminine.

“I draw for fun, for the love of drawing, for happiness,” she says. “I draw to archive my thoughts or what I have learnt and to share it with others.”


Her compositions are whimsical and harmonious, with a small-smile-at-the-corner-of-the-mouth kind of charm. The simplicity in her work is refreshing and so are her unpretentious captions. “With all that baggage, You are GOING NOWHERE!” reads one. Another quotes Robert Seymour Bridges.

“I love to capture emotions and positive messages in my work…subjects that will comfort people or touch their lives in some way. Ideas for doodles frequently pop in her head mid-conversation, and she enjoys taking her time with the execution. This is one of the reasons she hasn’t considered doodling or illustration as a full time career option yet. “It’s too great a passion,” she says, even as she is about to sign her first commissioned doodle order.


A textile designer by training, she worked at several textile companies, export and fashion houses, design firms and even a luxury brand from London before she realized that the organized work environment life wasn’t for her. She has finally found her groove as a freelancer, providing branding and design solutions to small businesses and startups; alongside offering her expertise pro-bono to the Art of Living Foundation.


In her mutable career path, one thing has remained constant: Doodling. “Doodling is like meditation for me”, she says. “Even after a hectic week at work I find time to doodle even if it means drawing mustaches, eye glasses, funny face tattoos or moles on the pictures of models in a magazine! I love it! It’s fun! It helps me cut off from the busy world and spend some time with myself.”


Her work with the Art of Living Foundation gives her the opportunity to interact with people from around the world, and a mine of inspiration. “It is a great learning process and with the variety of social projects that they work on I get to stay well-informed about all the goodness within the organization and in the world.”

Today, her art and her professional life are closely intertwined. Working with physical materials helps her ideate, gives her the flexibility to explore freely and spontaneously in a way that softwares do not allow her to.

“Doodling is the perfect exercise.”
We agree.
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