July 21, 2014

Bike Trails


STOP NOWHERE are based out of Indore and firmly believe in following their passion. One of them is riding and bicycle culture in general, a movement that has flourished over the last few years all over the world. To share this passion, they designed Bike Trails, a “lifestyle diary” designed specifically for bikers as a companion on tours.

In our predominantly digital, social media obsessed lives, Bike Trails is deliberately analog – it goes wherever you go, off the grid and beyond your mobile network. Sandeep Ramje and team elaborate, “To help you get some precious time with yourself we came up with a diary and not an app. Because we believe that just like riding, writing takes you closer to yourself. It makes you explore yourself and in turn helps you find peace.”

“We also understand that to some Bike Trails may look like taking a step backward. Here you have to sit and write and spend time skimming through your thoughts, which is unlike operating on any app. You can sit for hours writing about your most exciting bike rides or jot down some memorable instances or just plan your bike tours in the future. You can also scribble around in the diary, make cute little caricatures or symbols or just use it as a normal diary. The choice is yours. Use it the way you want.”

The sturdy kraft paper cover gives the impression of durability. While going through the diary itself, what caught our eye were the cycling themed illustrations interspersed between diary pages, keeping things interesting and adding the element of the unexpected. You’ll find inspiring quotes laid out as type compositions as well as hand-drawn illustrations on different types of bikes and other informative tidbits. Various sections allow you to document rides and others offer handy tips on bike maintenance and gadgets. One of the features is the Bicyclander, a calendar that can chronicle 50 years of trips, allowing you to plan journeys ahead of time.



While the diary can also be used as a monthly planner, it’s flexible enough to allow you to pick it up and start writing at any time of the year.

Every month you can set a dream target and input distances into a score box which are tallied at month’s end. They have added a small link to social media, where bikers can share their personal bests with a hashtag. Bike Trails seems to fit neatly into the ‘quantified self’ trend – devices or objects that help users track their daily activity. The difference is, here you’re forced to put pen to paper rather than pushing buttons.

Bike Trails can be ordered online from their website

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