July 11, 2016

What works for Anything Metal Works?

by Namrata Ganguly

All images courtesy Anything Metal Works.

Anything Metal Works (AMW) is a labour of love founded by two friends, Zarwan Elavia and Johan Pais, with a common passion for motorcycling. Based in Mumbai, AMW designs, customises and fabricates anything from ashtrays to colossal art installations with a focus on upcycling scrap metal sourced locally.

Of their more recent projects, you may have seen the Pune NH7 Weekender Winged Guitar, an installation originally commissioned by OML for the Harley Rock Riders event in October 2015. AMW built this 16 foot art piece from scrap metal parts from Harleys.


Having known each other for years through the Indie music scene, Zarwan, an Artist Manager and Johan, a musician, after many a weekend rides and exploring trails, it wasn’t until 2015 that they sold their motorcycles to start AMW.

In a world of immediate gratification and 10 minute attention spans, AMW’s art and products are for those who appreciate attention to detail and unique artifacts. To execute an average project, it can take anywhere from a month as it did with the Winged Guitar, to a week or even a day, depending on the design, size, availability of parts and amount of fabrication required.



Installation – Jameson Bar Back for Harley Rock Riders

The core value of AMW is to personalise any product they build so as to develop a connect between their products and clients. So far, word-of-mouth and actual interactions with their art have led people to AMW, resulting in a foray of interesting projects such as Jameson bar back for Harley rock riders (a 16-foot Motorcycle made from ship gears), KTM crash bars for the 390 and 200 and a USB charging cart for Dishkiyaoon restaurant, BKC, Mumbai to name a few.

While their past projects have had a steampunk vibe, as AMW evolves, they are exploring a mix of design and functionality for interiors as well. A pet project that they have been working on is a little Yamaha rx100 flat/dirt tracker, to be launched soon.


LED Lamp


Piston Lamp

If Anything Metal Works for you, follow the latest from them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to see their latest projects.

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