June 9, 2016

Sketchnotes: Saloni Sinha

by Shashi Prakash Vyas

An interaction designer and creative visualiser by profession, Saloni has an engaging interest in illustrations. Her primary focus remains on building and creating stories comprised of fantasy, exploratory and surreal moments which she wants to experience personally or have the perceiver have the same journey. The graduate coursework in design helped her to sketch often which now has become a full time hobby.

Sketchnotes_Saloni_1  Sketchnotes_Saloni_2  Sketchnotes_Saloni_3

From making album covers and logos for local bands to ad campaigns and designs for websites she infuses her illustrating skills into the professional aspect as well. While talking about her illustrations and peculiar characteristics of her sketches she confesses to draw dreamy, waggish, and mystifying aspects.

Having explored different mediums of art overtime, for two year or so, she has been sticking to fine ink work with minimal use of flat colours. Her illustrations make you paint multiple scenarios in your head and you might have different conclusions for a single artwork. This quality of her illustrations to move your memory into a fictional space is quite refreshing.

Sketchnotes_Saloni_4  Sketchnotes_Saloni_5 Sketchnotes_Saloni_7 Sketchnotes_Saloni_9

We enjoyed the wavy inks in her sketches. If you liked them too, you can follow more of Saloni’s work on her website or Facebook.

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