May 27, 2016

The Beautiful Black List

by Anusha Narayanan

This is a blast from the past. A version of this article was published in Kyoorius 21Since then, D&AD Awards have expanded to include newer Pencils. For more on the latest D&AD and their Award, click here.

Images courtesy D&AD, UK and copyrights of Dentsu Tokyo.

The Black Whale knows no boundaries. It just travels and wades through the ocean, meeting the moving tides with its strength. For The Beautiful Black List exhibition held in 2013 in Tokyo, the concept chosen by Dentsu Tokyo was of the gigantic Black Whale, an animal that has pulled us to its mystery and enormity, to symbolise D&AD, which too has the ability to traverse boundaries with just as much vigour as the creature, discovering talents abound in its journey over the years.



Considered as one of the most selective awards in the world of design and advertising, D&AD present Yellow, White and Black Pencils, Black being the highest of the three, awarded only to truly pioneering work.


The Beautiful Black List was a retrospective exhibition held to display the history of the D&AD Awards over the past 50 years, presenting all the Black Pencil winners along with a selection of works chosen by D&AD’s past 50 presidents, and the winners of the 2013 awards.

The posters, designed for Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation, Advertising Museum Tokyo by Dentsu Tokyo received much appreciation at the recently concluded 2014 Cannes Lions, winning a gold in its category. The posters were also awarded a Yellow Pencil at the 2014 D&AD Awards for the category Craft for Design/Illustration for Design.


The Beautiful Black List exhibition was held in Tokyo from 19 October 2013 to 19 January 2014. Click here to know the credits for this work. 

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