May 12, 2016

Sketchnotes: Rutuja Patil

by Shashi Prakash Vyas

After completing high school, Rutuja spontaneously decided to to pursue art and illustration. She never thought this impulsive inclination would help her make a living.


Rutuja graduated from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore. “Although I majored in Graphic design, my interests in photography and painting have shaped my design language in numerous ways”, says Rutuja.

Currently working as a Visual Artist at Bombay Design House has allowed her to get her hands dirty with different mediums and challenging numerous aspects of visual communication like videos, animation, stop motion, set design along with graphic and illustration to name a few.


Rutuja takes inspiration from artists like Hannah Warren whose simple use of bold shapes and lines depict fun in the mundane actions of people and dull spaces. Inspiration from movies like Amelie or Wes Anderson’s movies for layout and creating moods in the illustration, something she always attempts.

Other than famous figures she gets inspired by fellow artists as well. She tells about Margarart, an artist she met during an exchange programme and how her quick sketches and woodblock prints always motivated her. For daily inspiration she browses tumblr, IDN magazines, Jean Jullien’s work, web comics etc.


“I carry multiple sketchbooks and haven’t finished a single one. As I often revisit old sketches and draw over them and over blank pages. Then switching to another sketchbook. It’s almost like going back to that space/memory and editing it.”

Although mostly she uses ink pens, brush pens and highlighters while sketching on paper, she prefers sketching digitally as one has more control to colours and can be layered with textures and patterns effortlessly. “While illustrating it’s hard to stick to one style, especially when working with varied projects”, she says.


She has worked on a couple of projects but one project stays dear to her heart. Her interest in the field of geography and landscapes made her explore stories of natural disasters and its effects on wildlife during a project at Srishti. A non-fiction graphic novel communicating these stories through artistic visuals, which creates a mood of space and time, has been the one so far.

Sketchnotes_Rutuja_Patil_8 Sketchnotes_Rutuja_Patil_4

Rutuja’s command over different styles is what we love most about her illustrations and hope you enjoyed it too. To follow more of her work you can visit her profiles on TumblrBehanceFacebook and Instagram.

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