May 10, 2016

Living, The Park Magazine by tskdesign

by Shashi Prakash Vyas

We caught up with tskdesign studio to sneak behind the scenes of the design of Living, The Park Magazine. A spotlight on global trends, contemporary style and inspired living viewed through the unique telescope of The Park Hotels, Living magazine brings you curious insights on life and creative reflections on responsible thinking.

For this project, The Park Hotels approached tskdesign studio to create a flagship magazine that would be the face of the brand’s communications and promotions. The magazine had to reflect the vibe of The Park in an innovative way. This project was an In-book winner at the Kyoorius Design Awards 2015 in the Design for Editorial Category as an Entire Magazine Design piece. Here’s a recap on it…



For Living, tskdesign redefined what a typical magazine could look like and within some defined parameters, each issue is liberally designed to appear different from the previous one. The studio currently curates, edits and designs the entire magazine. Rather than marketing the hotel’s products and services in a direct and ‘hard sell’ manner, the studio conceived of Living, as a magazine that is carefully curated, edited and boldly designed – a barometer for contemporary trends in design.

“The theme of the magazine, the content, the articles, the choice of images, the authors and writers invited are all chosen by us and given to the client for review and approval,” they tell us. By redefining the identity of a hotel magazine, Living showcases The Park as ‘Anything but Ordinary’.


In preparing for it, the studio researched other hotel magazines and marketing efforts to experience what works and what doesn’t. At The Park Hotels, trend-spotting is an ongoing pursuit. Living looks at global trends in lifestyle, design and culture. As it’s not a typical hotel periodical, it looks beyond the everyday to the exciting, behind the ho-hum to the fantastic. “Living truly reflects the trailblazing attitude that has come to be synonymous with The Park Hotels.”



While the overall sections, structure and underlying design elements are common across all magazines, each issue has its own unique flavour that resonates with the theme. Issue 10 was based on the idea of Contrast as a core element in design, hospitality and the experience of life itself.

In terms of design, this issue has a lot of play of contrasts – big bold typographic elements puncture the flow of text, while black and white graphic elements create exciting positive and negative spaces.


Issue 10 of Living, The Park Magazine was an In-book Winner at Kyoorius Design Awards 2015 in the Design for Editorial segment. Have a look at all the In-book and Blue Elephant winners here. Watch out for Kyoorius Design Awards 2016, to be announced very soon.

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