April 7, 2016

Kyoorius 29: a new start. And the last issue of Kyoorius Magazine.

by Anusha Narayanan

Hi Readers,

The long wait is over. Kyoorius 29, the last printed issue of Kyoorius Magazine is finally out and in circulation. It wouldn’t be too long till yours reaches your doorstep if you are our subscriber or contributor.

The truth is, this is not going to be just an update of what is inside this issue of the magazine. It is an update on the love that goes into making magazines, the sleepless nights and the hours of crying over words that are cut out from articles.

Getting a printed magazine in one’s hands is as good as getting a love letter on a Monday morning – brings a smile to the face. But there is also the flipside that content has to be focussed and accessible. And so, we are putting a pause to Kyoorius Magazine after 29 glorious issues.

What’s inside Kyoorius 29?

A toned down, clean visual, where the story takes the centre stage. We wouldn’t want to give too much away, so here is all we want to show you as of now. The new face of the magazine. The previous design had lasted 22 issues.

This new look is a response to the feedback we’d received over the years: larger and more detailed visuals; and more concise text; there were requests to show more works from India, from people under the radar and so on.


Cover Illustration by Prashant Kanyalkar (KA Advertising; Concrete Design & Strategy)

So here we go. We brought back Studio Profiles and spoke to Prashant Kanyalkar of KA Advertising and Concrete Design  & Strategy; Sarah Fotheringham and Maninder Singh of Safomasi; and Thomas John and Abraham John of Seventh Inc..

We crowdsourced latest design works from India in New Works. We made images even bigger. We even slotted in a poster from Taxi Fabric.

We had two beautiful long (now edited) and heartfelt conversations, one with Amardeep Behl, a designer who is an eternal romantic and too young for his white beard; and another one with Joshua Breidenbach of Rice Creative, Vietnam for all the interesting cross-cultural, contextual and internationally acclaimed work Rice has been producing the past few years.


Untold’s Yashas Mitta & Madhumita Nandi explain the mysteries of the Snake Boats of Kerala while Preksha Sharma takes us on a trek of Ladakh to LAMO – Ladakh Art & Media Organisation. We read the story of evolution of a decades-old regional forerunner in dairy products – Morton Ghee, of West Bengal by Partha Mukherjee in Origins.

Our columnists Prasanna Sankhe, Jay Dutta and Michael Wolff as always bring in words of wisdom from their years of experience in the worlds of design, digital, advertising, branding and worldly wisdom from life too. Fahrenheit 212’s Mark Payne tells us how innovation is a two-sided problem with the example of a simple yet effective case of a banking project in UAE.

Stealing words from the Editor, Kay Khoo’s foreword for this issue, “The affair of producing this content has lasted 10 years and it will only continue to grow passionately, but only online hereon. For Kyoorius, digital is more flexible and effective as a medium to document the expansive visual culture of India. Thus, you’ll see a more integrated and an all-out-effort on kyoorius.com.”

Whether it is the content, or the design, your feedback is most valued.

Farewell, Kyoorius Magazine.

For those who’d like to read republished articles from Kyoorius’ older issues, some are here.
To buy an older issue or this one, write to info@kyoorius.com. Sales are on, till stocks last.

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