April 19, 2016

Admissions Out of the Box

by Shashi Prakash Vyas

Being a well-behaved child is the best compliment you get rewarded with in school. Everyone feels nostalgic of times when being obedient; following queues and being applauded by entire class full of children were fun.

Almost two decades since their first school in Delhi, Mother’s Pride is amongst the most sought after educational institutes in Delhi-NCR. Mother’s Pride wanted an admission-open communication campaign and that’s when they reached out to Viral Pandya of Out of the Box.

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Mother’s Pride is known for advertising that are endearing, featuring adorable children, and celebrates the spirit of childhood. Every communication of Mother’s Pride has always been appealing, and is something people eagerly look forward to. The challenge was to make the straightforward message of admission open, as interesting and appealing to parents as the Mother’s Pride communications inthe past.

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In keeping with the brand image of Mother’s Pride, Out of the Box created a series of print ads that drew inspiration from the old American wild west bounty posters. The message of the communication was that Mother’s Pride is in search of the cute offenders our little darlings are. The posters are playful and celebrate children’s naughtiness, while also spreading the core value of Mother’s Pride: love.


While drawing out these admission open posters, Mother’s Pride also wanted a solution for an offer the institute was making – a guaranteed discount if you enrol your child early. But parents are deeply sceptical, and the deals that promise the moon hardly evoke any response from them.

Now since other institutes also have similar offers to create opportunities for parents, this problem didn’t require a conventional approach. Out of the Box had to provide a solution that stood out from the innumerable offers parents are bombarded with.



To convince the parents that the offer is real, even though it sounds too good to be true, Out of the Box took a dig at the offers that people are flooded with. This approach let the guard down for the parents as they shared a similar vision and the Mother’s Pride offer came out as authentic.


Out of the Box created an ‘Offer Booklet’ that poked fun at other offers from the competitors and added Mother’s Pride offer inconspicuously at the end of the booklet. They also added coupons that took the idea forward and the Offer Booklet was distributed to prospects and received a delightful response from the target group.


Wanted Series and Offer Booklet were In-Book Winners at the 2015 Kyoorius Design Awards for Writing for Design and Design for Communication segments respectively. Have a look at all the In-book and Blue Elephant winners here.

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