March 3, 2016

Sketchnotes: Limatola Longkumer

by Radhika Kuldeep

Limatola Longkumer always had a feeling that she wanted to do something related to art. Ever since her mother taught her her first strokes, way back in kindergarten, Limatola has been an artist in the making. Born in Nagaland, she completed her basic education in Shillong, and this is where she first realised her love for the arts. She participated in every art, drawing and painting competition that came her way and thus first began exploring her style and techniques.

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During her college days in Dimapur, Nagaland, she was formally introduced to the subject of fine arts. That’s when she decided to pursue art as her profession. Though that has always been in the back of her mind, it has been through recent years that Limatola has developed a distinctive style of her own. She confesses that this was a ‘happy accident’ that came about as a result of subconscious doodling. She then started playing with various combinations and patterns that could be used to form such unique imagery.

“Emotions are a big influence in my body of work and these raw emotions transcends into my creations making it unique,” she says. And that is why every project that she has worked on so far has had a personal touch to it.


This in turn has helped her grow as an individual and an artist. Apart from her mother, who has been the primary influence on her, she greatly admires other illustrators like Rachna Ravi, Mrinalini Saha, Vishnu M Nair and Swati Addanki.

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Limatola is just beginning the ascent in her career and seizes every opportunity that challenges her outlook. She hopes to use her art as tool to bring about a change in the mind-set of the general public. An artist that is inspired by music and people and channels her various emotions into her art is surely going to succeed in bringing a new perspective to her audience.


Limatola’s style has also been acknowledged by other platforms such as Polka Café and Campus Diaries. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram to see her latest illustrations and updates!


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