March 8, 2016

Last Morning of Winter by Mohit Vijh

by Maanasi Hattangadi

It is the unknown which is obscured by the fog in this series that beguiles you, somewhere between the lucid points in time as people, equipment and under-construction structures emerge in focus.

“Standing in front of this under-constructed structure and bridge,” says Mohit Vijh, “made me feel as if the whole scene was an aftereffect of some war. I was really fascinated by the visual experience of it. I felt like a kid, when I used to make some blocks, imagine them to be some structures and used to build a story around it.”


In this set of photographs, the inanimate and temporal subjects evoke a sense of abandonment and ease in the misty morning hue. The series is an experience rather than a documentation, intertwining threads of stolid occupations of machines, structures and inhabitants on that particular wintry day. Not forced nor intrusive, the objects seem invested in the idea, forming an intrinsic part of the scenario that these images are trying to convey.


The framer, Mohit is a freelance fashion photographer and filmmaker from Delhi who pursued Visual Communications, a course specialising in 3D Animation and Photography from National Institute of Creative Communication, Bengaluru.

While he moved to Mumbai to undertake projects in animation, it was a chance engagement with a production house as a photographer for their feature films that piqued this shift to photography for the long haul. His three-and-a-half year stint assisting Charudutt Chitrak advanced his explorations.


For him, above imagery, a story is central to his perception – in photography and films. His work is influenced by his fascination with cinema and the way a story could be interlaced within disparate ideas or to overlay a relationship between objects in an experience or event that expands into a broader meaning.


Admittedly, he does not subscribe to any specialised camera settings or techniques. Each project is open to the flow of the moment and the premise of the aspired outcome. “This series has been shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark II,” he mentions.


To underline the kind of work and people he looks up to, he mentions a few, “I always take my inspiration from photographs of Gregory Crewdson, Guy Bourdin, David LaChapelle, from the films of Wong Kar-wai and David Lynch‘s music, shows and his videos.”


On the sidelines of his commercial works, he occasionally initiates personal projects on a whim.. The Last Morning of Winter was one such.  Amid the upcoming ones, is a concept that revolves around the interpretation of the feeling that arises in women when they are stared at.


Bereft of a linear vocation, Last Morning of Winter dives into an endless variety and depth, open to the interpretation of a unique moment.


Follow Mohit’s diverse projects on his Behance profile, Facebook Page or look up a fashion film by him on Vimeo.  


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