February 1, 2016

A peek into The Limited Edition 2016 Art Calendar by Cupick

by Sonaksha Iyengar

Ever dreamt about circling dates and marking little reminders on a calendar that’s filled with art? Cupick’s latest Limited Edition 2016 Art Calendar, born out of a love for collaborations and creative exploration, features 12 artists with different styles from around the world.




A platform for visual artists to showcase, share and sell their work on products such as posters, prints, t-shirts, notebooks etc, Cupick thrives on connecting creative professionals and is one of the platforms that is making an attempt to create a space for art that is accessible.

Working with Wacom and Corel who are at the helm of the creative community, Cupick was able to produce an artistic concoction to provide steady inspiration through the year. Justin Alva, co-founder, admitted that the selection process was laborious, “We received 235 artist applications and portfolios so decision making came down to who we thought could breathe life into an inanimate object with their style.”


April-by-Santanu-Hazarika    May-by-Anoop-Bhat

While Cupick did not give the artists a theme, the finally product weaves the months together seamlessly. May is an extension of Anoop Bhat’s childhood summers at Mangalore, while August captures Sonika Sil’s understanding of it as a month of metamorphosis. Each artist brings their own story to the page using a different stylistic approach that transforms the months into snapshots of little moments through the year.

June-by-Sudeepti-Tucker    July-by-Kritika-Trehan


“The dimensions of the spread were the only guidelines we gave them as we wanted to give them space to work,” Justin said, adding that most artists individually brought their ideas of the seasons and months into their illustrations.

“June is a delightful month, somewhere between the pastels of spring and the pop of summer,” Sudeepti Tucker expresses. Her illustration displays her love for long afternoons by the pool that is a sweet reminder to breathe easy. Similarly, Meroo Seth’s artwork for March combines the idea of happiness and spring using a vector typographic style, “I have tried to show how the season is so beautiful, pleasant and serene.”




From ink drawings to digital art, the wall calendar is a collection of distinctive artwork from the 12 artists: Saloni Sinha, Alex G Griffiths, Meroo Seth, Santanu Hazarika, Anoop Bhat, Sudeepti Tucker, Kritika Trehan, Sonika Sil, Sandhya Prabhat, Arushi Kathuria, Reuben Bhattacharya and Jake Giddens that doubles up as a book that will surely find a spot in your cozy bookshelf at the end of the year.

This is just a start of many collaborations that Cupick has in mind for artists through 2016. Motivated by the sheer exhilaration of the production and the ability to bring together creative minds from across the world, they hope to announce more collaborative projects soon.



The Limited Edition 2016 Art Calendar will make a lovely addition to your workspace and is currently available at a special price of Rs.1295. If you’ve wanted to collaborate with fellow artists for a while, then keep an eye out on the Cupick page and you might just be a part of the next one!


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