January 25, 2016

Design Indaba Festival 2016 – what’s new and more!

by Anusha Narayanan

The Design Indaba Festival, an annual event that brings together the design and creative communities from across Africa and the world to Cape Town, has spruced things up by adding more to their already full basket of Conference, Expo, FilmFest, Music Circuit and a website that hosts all the information surrounding these events.



The Design Indaba Conference 2016, one of the primary attractions of the Festival, is likely to be bigger, bolder, weirder and even more thought-provoking. Check out their incredible list of speakers here

It will take place at the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town from 17 – 19 February and will also be broadcast live to additional venues in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Potchefstroom and Port Elizabeth. A variety of exhibitions and special features will happen alongside the flagship event and will be broadcast live via simulcast to selected South African cities.



Alongside, The Design Indaba Film Festival, is an annual celebration, where 10 films and documentaries are screened over 10 nights, covering the panorama of creativity. This year’s Cape Town FilmFest will be held once again at The Labia, Cape Town’s oldest independent cinema. Shorter iterations of the festival are also being held for the first time in other South African cities alongside each Simulcast of the Conference.



The show includes the usual MBOISA – Most Beautiful Object in South Africa: an exhibit of 10 objects, and a jury of select curators from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban who decide the one sole winner. There will be new inclusions in 2016 at Emerging Creatives 2016, a platform offering an extended year-long education and mentorship programme, which will give select Emerging Creatives a better understanding of how to run and grow their businesses.

For more, visit Design Indaba’s website.

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