December 16, 2015

All Hail The KING

by Radhika Kuldeep

Poster design or design for Point-Of-Sale Communication isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. With all the visual clutter, very rarely does a poster captivate the audience the way this particular piece has. When Godrej’s Dual Video Door Phone device needed something equally clutter-breaking, Rahul Bhojraj, Creative Director at JWT and his team managed to do just that.

KING, named after the King from a pack of cards won 3 Blue Elephants at Kyoorius Design Awards 2015: one each for Illustration for Design, Graphic Design for Communication and Poster and Point of Sale is intelligent. The primary inspiration for this poster comes from the feature of the product itself. With both the doors/entrances being monitored, the Godrej Dual Video Door Phone device enables the consumer to be fearless.


This overlaps with the traditional design of characters from a pack of regular playing cards. The simple message of “eyes on both sides” is combined with elements of blueprint drawing to create a floor plan of an elaborate and luxurious home, likely to attract burglars.

From afar the piece looks like an intricately patterned King from a pack of cards. But on closer inspection, one can actually see the different elements that make it a house. Right from the lavish fountain before the entrance, the ancestral portraits and trophies in the living room, a recreation room with a pool table, a detailed formal dining room, a children’s room and a guest room, a lavish master bedroom with an impressive backyard complete with a pool.


The subtle elements that define each space, like the suitcase in the guest bedroom, the apron shaped carpet in the kitchen, the chandeliers and the silverware on the dinning table, speak of the meticulous drafting and the attention paid to such minute but important details of the design.

The process of designing this illustration was three months long. In times where point-of-sale posters simply bombard you with heavy visuals, KING with its details, draws the viewer in. It does not overpower and overwhelm one.

Congrats to the team. You upped the ante.

KING was a Blue Elephant winner at the 2015 Kyoorius Design Awards for Illustration for Design, Graphic Design for Communication and Posters and Point-of-Sale. Have a look at all the In-book and Blue Elephant winners here.

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