December 31, 2015

10 Best Sketchnotes of 2015

by Anusha Narayanan

We have finished another year and ruffled hundred of sketchbook pages this year as well. From exploring paintings, to artists from outside of India who take inspiration from our country, to animators and storyboard artists, illustrators to travelogues, 2015 has brought to us a myriad sketches from near and far.

After the number of maddening hours we spent this year searching the internet, randomly, teary-eyed-ly, frantically and sometimes, just for killing the zzzz’s, looking for sketchbooks and aimless, passionate and weird doodlers to feature in our all-time, anytime, always popular series Sketchnotes, we’d like to catch a breath….. phew …. and ….what was I saying?

Anyways… Here are the top 10 Sketchnotes for 2015.

Parvati Pillai

parvati pillai


Divya Nair



Ruchi Shah



Srijan Jha




Siddharth Tripathi



Rachna Ravi



Shigil Narayanan



Rohit Kelkar



Ishita Jain



An Illustrated Dream by Gaurav Ogale


Happy 2016!

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