August 11, 2015

Digital Stories: #WillsRocktheRamp by Madison Media

by Anusha Narayanan

The glitz and glamour of the fashion world makes everyone gape wide eyed. While models walk majestically, strutting down the ramp in masterpieces one after the other, the audience are usually mute spectators. The brief given to Madison Media by Wills Lifestyle for this Fashion Week: To bring light to the underemphasized sponsors of the gorgeous Fashion Week and connect with the passive audience of fashion shows, and with a “technology first approach”.


“On taking a closer look, we realised that during the fashion week, the focus throughout is on the designers, their creations and the models that wear them. But a quick look at the attendees will reveal that most of them dressed to impress too. So we decided to turn the spotlight on these fashionable individuals, attending the Fashion week (who were also Will’s Lifestyle’s Target audience) – and gave them the stage they were looking for, in the form of #WillsRocktheRamp,” explained the agency, Madison Media.

And out came this wonderful livestream of videos, shot at the venue, shared on Vine.

A stage was placed on the approach to the show, and attendees, many of whom were celebrities, were asked to spare a few minutes to strike a pose, before walking to the show. An overhead webcam, revolved 360° around them, captured them in animated poses.

The real challenge here was to manage seamless real-time recording and uploading it to Vine immediately after, which the agency then synchronized systematically to trigger off the revolving, recording, streaming and uploading in a proper sequence.

What stood out was the fun tone of the social media and how responsive it was to events taking place in real time, much like HappyHoursRewind, and the activity was relevant to the brand – Wills Lifestyle, in keeping with the theme of a Fashion Show. Why not just bring the show off the ramp?

#WillsRocktheRamp: A 360°  Spin on Fashion was an In-book winner at the 2015 Kyoorius Digital Awards in the Innovative Use of Technology category. Have a look at all the In-book and Blue Elephant winners here.

Check out Wills Lifestyle on Vine for more. 

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