June 25, 2015

Sketchnotes: Himanshi Parmar

by Anusha Narayanan

“What is an illustration after all? To me it’s something you cannot take a photograph of, it’s a mixture of a memory, thought and experience,” said Himanshi Parmar when we ask makes her want to sketch. Himanshi Parmar is a student of  Graphic Design at MIT Institute of Design, Pune. Sketching is her substitute for words.

Her work shows a clear fascination with the human body, its contours and the feminine figure and occasionally, an intrigue with creatures as well. “I am extremely interested in nude women and the contours of the bodies which I tend to study a lot,” she says. Although she maintains that her work is dominantly black-and-whites, we rather like her sense of discretion with colours. Her fingers love to hold a micron tip pen, but also take with equal comfort to acrylic and oil paints when painting huge canvases such as walls. Her latest craving is experimenting with laser engraving on wood giving her illustrations a whole new form altogether.

himanshi-1  himanshi-4

Himanshi is inspired by the art of Goro Fujita, Pascal Campion, Sergey Ishmaev, Guy Shield and Miles Toland and the photographs of Ryan Muirhead, among others. She seems to have taken to the digital medium as naturally and smoothly as sketching with hand, so we asked her what she likes about the digital medium. “It initially started when I got a hold of a Wacom and realised that I could recreate my thoughts even better with the brushes on Photoshop.” she says, “Digital has become another channel for my ideas. I generally end up using this medium for detailed work that’s to be printed.”

From her portfolio, here’s our pick …


himanshi-8  himanshi-5



To keep track of Himanshi’s work, visit her Behance profile

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