February 11, 2015

Sketchnotes: Ashish Boyne

By Janhavi Sharma

Since childhood, Ashish Boyne has been fascinated by comics. Drawn to the art of visual storytelling thanks to the lasting impression of Frank Miller, Sin City and the Dark Knight series, he completed a degree from JJ Institute of Applied Art– specializing in Illustration.

For Ashish, sketching is a practice that helps build his observational skills like no other. He believes that observation is the key to making illustrations, it’s no surprise how often he chooses to sketch the stories that he sees around him. The finesse and style that comes from such devoted practice can be seen in his graduation projects, ‘Aghora’, ‘Surmai’ and ‘100 Kisses’.

Aghora_AshishBoyneAghora is a project done on aghoris and their cannibalistic ways.

Surmai_AshishBoyneSurmai- a short story of a fisherman’s boy, Niru.

100 KISSES 2100 Kisses- a story told by a cup of cutting chai.

Awed by the variety of people he met after coming to Bombay, Ashish recognised the importance of meeting new people, and felt the urge to document their everyday humdrum lives to create visual imagery. He is always keen on meeting new people since he believes these encounters give birth to new stories and ideas.

When asked what his preferred tools are, he emphasizes that a simple pencil will always remain his primary tool. The study project, a collection of imperial-sized sketches inspired by the much acclaimed book ‘The Art of Animal Drawing’ by Ken Hultgren, showcases a few of his pencil explorations. He also uses brush pens or Rotring pens for his rough work – which he later enhances digitally. He develops illustrations by practicing animal anatomy, object drawings and art figures. Reading fantasy stories, and watching animated films also help widen his imagination immensely.

StudyImageThe Study Project.

A few of the illustrators that inspire him are Denis Zilber, Kim Jung Gi, Mukesh Singh and Abhishek Singh. Ashish believes that interaction with some of the people whose work he likes, also helps better his perspective. So he is constantly building his network of artists, and communicating with bloggers whose work he appreciates, in the quest to learn new tricks. There is no recurring theme to Ashish’s work, since he is keen on exploring different subjects and styles for every project.

He is now illustrating his first graphic novel named ‘NINETY’ authored by Siraj Zaveri.

Image5A graphic from NINETY.

See more of Ashish’s work on his Behance profile
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