September 9, 2014

Goa Tourism – Re-Identified.

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Hear the word Goa and one instantly conjures up images of sun, sand, and chilled beer. While it’s undoubtedly the first holiday destination that comes to mind for most Indians, Goa has plenty of other things to offer; from its Portuguese history, to the churches that dot the landscape, to the quaint streets of Old Panjim, to sorpotel (pork stew) and ‘poi’ and then of course – the beaches.

The existing logo for Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) did not seem to communicate the variety of experiences the state has to offer, and Chlorophyll Brand and Communications Consultancy were tasked with creating a new identity. Along with GTDC they agreed that the identity, and Goa as a brand, had to harness this quality of being one of the few places where people can party hard and enjoy a cultural experience, “The only place in the world where so many contrasts co-exist within minutes” as Chlorophyll put it.


A destination brand has multiple stakeholders – the tourist, the local government, the people who call the ‘destination’ home, and so on. There can be so many emotions wrapped up in one place, the challenge is to represent it in a way that can appeal to all – become a symbol that citizens are proud of and that invites new visitors – competing with the myriad other ‘destination’ logos that vie for their attention.

Earlier versions of the identity featured the typical beach and holiday elements, which immediately reduced Goa to a beach destination. To change this image, Chlorophyll created an ambigram – a symbol or word that can be viewed from different angles. Stressing on the need to redefine Goa’s identity and the value of branding to GTDC was one of the major hurdles that Chlorophyll had to cross. Chlorophyll also had work with both the Department of Tourism (Goa) and GTDC to ensure they both adopted the same logo across the board. But doing away with the typical tourism logos and moulding the client’s mind-set in favour of a purely typographic identity was well worth the effort.


The Konkani word “kenna”, meaning “sometimes” was incorporate into a tagline, flipping the word in opposite directions to complete the idea of contrasts. It can be “kenna rough”, “kenna smooth”, “kenna wild”, “kenna mild”, “kenna chill” or “kenna thrill” depending on the medium. The tagline’s position and orientation (above or below) alternates depending on the application – for instance passport holders, tee shirts, badges, brochures and more.

Goa Tourism


While the tagline is an attempt to convey the quintessential Goan attitude, connecting the non-Konkani crowd with the colloquial word “kenna” wasn’t easy. The new identity encapsulates the idea of Goa as many different things to many different people, and the colours, which blend from golden yellow to blue hint at the promise of sun and sea. Goa is surely more than just beaches and beer. So the next time you visit it, make sure you get a taste of everything that the place has to offer.

The Goa Tourism Identity and Logo Design is an in-book winner and Blue Elephant nominee at the 2014 Kyoorius Design Awards. Winners will be announced on 13th September at Kyoorius Designyatra 2014 in Goa. To learn more about the awards party, click here.

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