July 16, 2014

Let there be Light: Light Bag Project

Growing up, our parents would often tell us that the best gift that one can give a child is education. Many of the urban poor in our country still can’t afford to avail education or rather, education of substance and quality, but not for lack of opportunities to attend schools. It’s for lack of resources to experience a wholesome education with as much comfort as needed. Children in slums and the urban poor of Indian cities hardly live in hygienic conditions let alone with electricity and water. In case they do have electricity, the incessant power cuts make it harder for them to engage in studying after school hours, with the constant flickering leading to loss of interest and the eventual dropping out of school.

Bag sketch



Addressing this issue, Cheil India came up with an experiment called the Light Bag Project, designing a bag that stores solar energy during the day, giving light to the children in the night. Cheil approached the Salaam Baalak Trust in Delhi, an NGO that has been working with the children from the slums of the city for 25 years now, to collaborate and produce them for the children of the Trust. These Light Bags are fitted with solar panels and LED lights, shipped from China and get charged when the children walk to school and back. As most of them attended open schools, these bags would be charged throughout the day as well. In the night these bags could be reconfigured and propped up to transform into a study lamp, a self contained unit that’s portable and easy to use.

Light Bag

The biggest challenge in the manufacturing process is to make the bag as light-weight as possible so that the children aren’t inconvenienced by carrying it on their backs, simultaneously ensuring that its layers are thick enough to stand properly when used as a lamp. It also had to ensure ample space to contain books within it, which the local ‘darzees’ (tailors) did with their skills. This inventive design solution socially benefits the children of slums or amenity deprived areas, bringing hope that they can study without having to face deterrents which are beyond their control.



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