April 30, 2014

Sketchnotes: Ujala Shreshtha

By Payal Khandelwal

“For me, the first step to any project is brainstorming and that’s where my sketchbooks come in. I jot down every possible idea that comes across in my head either by writing or drawing it,” says Ujala Shreshtha who is currently working on her final year project at Raffles Millennium International, Bangalore where she is doing her Bachelors in Visual Communication. She has also been a part of the Kolor Kathmandu project.

According to Shreshtha, her sketchbooks are often filled with “a lot of nonsense weird ideas” as she feels that no initial ideas should be neglected. “I like how my ideas get very ambitious in my sketchbooks, and playing around with them, I end picking the one that makes my project a success. On a personal level, my sketchbooks act as a diary and sometimes even self reminders,” she says.

Her sketches, especially the ones of places, are meticulously detailed. Interestingly, she feels that while she is quite impatient in life, she loves doing detailed and fine drawings and finds a certain peace of mind through her sketchbook. “I’ve realised most of the times I draw about my feelings that are represented in my own interpretations. Sometimes when I look back at my personal sketches, I can immediately connect to the feeling at that moment.” Her sketchbooks are populated by a lot of warped and straight lines, feelings, conversations, places, especially buildings and cityscapes, and a lot of words and letters, she says.

She mostly sketches with pen or pencil, and loves working with ink, chalk and paint too. She often switches between digital and hand drawn medium throughout the process. “Sometimes printing out a digital sketch and reworking it out on paper helps me play and explore more than it would on a computer screen. Depending on the kind of work I am doing, the use of the softwares differs. I generally keep shifting between Photoshop and Illustrator and seldom use my Wacom tablet,” she says.

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