January 17, 2014

Houses Of Goa by Beard Design

By Preksha Sharma

Goa has been a dream destination for everyone in the creative community, yet rarely has it been a muse. And while everyone is enticed by the charmed Goan life and Goan holiday and a perfect destination for all events ranging from design to music, they almost look past the local elements of culture, design and architecture. This is the gap that the local designer Abhisek Sarda’s company Beard Design seeks to fill. “I’ve lived in Goa for about 10 years. I moved here when I was 18 and did my first job here. And I started both my companies (Beard Design and PPT Salon) here. But almost none of our work is Goa-focused or for local clients. Almost all our employees are from outside. So in some ways, we are always looking at doing something that connects our work to Goa. And this is one such project,” he says. The project Sarda is referring to is Houses of Goa – a four month project to document the architectural heritage of Goa through beautiful flat vector illustrations.


While all the illustrations are done in flat vector, some other styles were also explored.

The germ of the idea for the project came from the projects like Windows of New York and Flat Guitars. And like the projects it is inspired by, the illustrations in Houses of Goa do not reflect the artist’s experiences and emotions. “We were very clear that we didn’t want to end up doing paintings or artistic interpretations of the houses. We wanted to faithfully recreate the architecture of the houses. This is why we chose to do flat vector illustrations over the other styles we had explored initially,” says Sarda. The entire project was illustrated by one person and was all brought together on the web by a UX designer and a front-end developer. 

The making of Houses Of Goa 

Sarda is still playing with ideas to take this project further. “One idea is to do a second phase for Goa, since there are many many beautiful houses that we haven’t covered in this phase. Another is to do a project with the beautiful palace architecture we have in India, especially in states like Gujarat and Rajasthan. Lets see.


We asked Sarda if he stumbled upon something interesting in the course of the project and he says that there are many interesting things about the Portuguese era in Goa and its architecture. “For example, only a church or a government building could be painted white, you couldn’t paint your house white. This is why you see such colorful houses in Goa.”

There is much more on his website that you can stumble upon.





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