December 20, 2013

Ten reasons to visit Comic Con Mumbai this weekend-2

By Abhijeet Kini

10) Where else would you get to shop around for things truly and 100% comics-based? Be it merchandise, tees or comics themselves!

9) Be a witness to the uncles and aunties who get their kids along and drop their jaws at something they always thought was “bacchon ke liye (for kids) and timepass”. I’m sorry, uncle log, there’s much more to comics than just that.

8) If you’re a comics artist/writer/creator, it’s the best place to meet up with readers and fans. And if you are readers and fans, then it’s the best place to meet up with the creators, and of course, get stuff signed! (Yes, we’re all waiting there with our marker pens uncapped)

7) Great place to start conversations with people, especially based on their outfits, if they are cosplaying.

6) Speaking of cosplaying, this is where people truly leave behind their inhibitions and dress up as their favourite characters.


5) You get to see some exclusive clippings, releases and artworks at the launches happening. (psst…Angry Maushi 2 is getting launched at the Con too)

4) The only place where you get discounts like crazy, beating online shopping hands down. Seriously, save up for the action figures and the comics!

3) The only place where you’ll be in a jostling crowd, but not complaining. You’d rather be stuck in a mob with two Thors and an Iron Man, than some smelly bunch of bankers in a train compartment.

2) Superb photo-ops! Your camera’s going to be clicking all day long! There’s that much of stuff to be seen and clicked.

1) As the Comic Con guys say…”For the love of comics”. Plain and simple!

Mumbai Film & Comics Convention (MFCC) will take place on 21st and 22nd December (this weekend) at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Goregaon East, Mumbai.


abhijeetkini-222x150Abhijeet Kini is a Mumbai based creative professional specializing in illustration, graphic design, animation and copywriting. He is the author of books including Angry Maushi, Satankar, Daku Super Singh, Gryll, Out of the Shadows and Delhi Billi.

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