July 12, 2013

Collectors’ Edition

By Pavithra Chandrasekar

We are all collectors and possessors of some form- right from stocking on ephemeron like ticket stubs, pamphlets, zines to matchboxes, coins, books & magazines, vinyls, stickers, travel passes, alcohol miniatures et all which hold some personal meaning to each of the magpie in us. The hobby of collecting goes back way to the “cabinet of curiosities” which was habitual amongst scholars with the means and opportunities to acquire unusual items from the 16th century onwards. So we at Kyoorius were very intrigued to find out what the practitioners from our faction collect and you can view the highly interesting result by scrolling below.

1. Garima Gupta: Things she finds on her walks gifted to her by mother nature.

Illustrator/Artist Garima Gupta says she finds herself bending and picking up broken pods, fallen flowers, yellow leaves, shiny rocks, colourful feathers. “I wonder where all that lava rock must have been before it landed in the gorge, the Great Blue Turaco bird’s feather- the rare colourful bird, what all it must have seen, the beautiful pods that fall from the mighty trees of Colaba, which all birds must have tried feeding on them. Its an unintentional collection and its a treasure because it reminds me of the days it found these things.”

Garima Gupta

Gupta has dabbled and contributed to all forms of design like Graphic novels, stories and comics, posters, journals, books, branding and web, films and animations and packaging. You can view all of her stunning work, here.


2. Abhijeet Kini: Action Figures

Comic artist Abhijeet Kini started his incredible and extensive action figure collection right from when he was 7. “I started collecting when the He-man and GI Joe series were out in the market. But that was then and things got serious only recently; as recent as 2008 when I got my first Spawn figurines. Then on there was no looking back. My prized possessions are a 3 foot plus tall Batman from the Dark Knight Series, Scott Pilgrim, Spawn on a throne of bones, King Leonidas, Spy vs Spy bobbleheads, Robocop, Bane and above all a Sergio Aragones illustrated sculpt Batman statue.”

Abhijeet Kini

Kini is an illustrator who plays around in graphic design, animation and copywriting too. You would for certain have viewed his work through the collaterals for Comic Con, his regular illustrations for Tinkle and his comic Angry Maushi. Check out the teaser for the new Angry Maushi here and most of his prized collection here.

3. Ruchita Madhok: Postcards (of work she has seen in actuality)

Founder and principle designer at Kahani Designworks, Ruchita Madhok started her postcard collection in 2006 since her solitary trip to Europe. “I only collect postcards of works I’ve actually seen – never replicas or things I just happen to like in a shop. So there is a real physical experience connected to each one. I’m afraid I don’t remember what the first one was, but the Klimt ones in the centre of this arrangement were the nucleus of the collection.”

Ruchita Madhok

Madhok specialises in communication design solutions for organisations and individuals in the arts and culture sector. Her experience includes projects in exhibition design, retail design, design for museums and scenography. She also edits and writes for Perch, an online journal of Indian perspectives on art, design and culture.

4. Sarang Kulkarni: Letterforms

Founder of the type foundry and design studio White Crow, Sarang Kulkarni has an extensive collection of letterforms. He collects letterforms not just in terms of images but in physical forms as well.  It includes letter press blocks and matrices in Latin and Devanagri, wooden blocks, print samples, regional books and newspapers.

Sarang Kulkarni

Kulkarni specializes in type design, calligraphy and typography. Along with the White Crow team, he has handled various projects in Indian and Latin scripts commissioned by both Indian and international clients.

5. Chaiti Mehta: Stamps and coins

Founder of Chaiti Mehta Design, Chaiti Mehta is a serious philatelist and numismatist. “On one bright early morning, I came across some old dusty boxes in a closet, the incident still very vivid in my mind. I found my dad’s finest stamp collection book. That was the beginning of my fascination with stamps. Every day, I used to wait eagerly for the postman to arrive, always hopeful that he would deliver a bunch of letters addressed to us. Each one had its own unique story to tell, whether it be history, nature, science, politics. I traveled to many countries and returned with several stamps. With time, telephone and internet overpowered the use of postal letters. But yet many a times, I still send greetings by postal service buying stamps from around the corner and carefully pasting each as a remembrance of my collection.”

Chaiti Mehta

Mehta is the design director of her eponymous design firm which develop and create identities for private and public companies and institutions. Her work spans brand identity and development, art direction, packaging, printed matter, interactive design, art projects and exhibitions.

6. Pratheek Thomas: Comic books

Graphic novelist Pratheek Thomas possesses an ever expanding leviathan comic book collection- “The first comic I got was the Death of Superman (bought at a princely sum of 450/- in 1997, from a 500/- pocket money my uncle gave me). But my real collection started when I got Endless Nights (Sandman Vol 11) in 2005. This book blew my mind and it would lead to Manta Ray years later.”

Pratheek Thomas

Thomas is the co-founder of Manta Ray Comics which publishes books with a strong focus on original content, superlative artwork and high production values. He has worded a host of graphic novels one of which being Twelve Preludes in which he tells us stories about sexuality, identity, friendship, ideologies, courage and relationships. Follow him on Tumblr here and you can pick up any of the comics by Manta Ray here.

7. Zim&Zou: Penguins

French paper sculptors Zim&Zou have an adorable collection of all kinds of inanimate penguins. One half of Zim&Zou, Lucie Thomas started her penguin collection since she was a child after reading a book. Their trainee Lorraine has a great collection of foxes too. She started this collection during her stint in Eurasiam, a manga school.

Zim & Zou


Zim & Zou Lorraine

Thibault Zimmerman and Lucie Thomas own and run the French studio based in Nancy that explores different fields including paper sculpture, installation, graphic design, illustration. Rather than composing images on a computer, they prefer creating real objects with paper and taking photos out of them.

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