June 24, 2013

Animators’ Showcase: Malaysia

We kicked off the Animators’ Showcase two weeks ago with a call out to all animators across the spectrum and got an array of entries; out of which we featured the perfect mix of work. We are going to keep at it with the showcase, so do send in your entries regularly if you want to be featured on this space.

This week, we bring you two animation studios from Malaysia. Animation, as we all know, involves tremendous amount of work- and layers and layers of it. As the art of animation rapidly grew more complex, more demarcations and specific qualifications started to emerge, mostly with the evolution of CGI. There are intricate artists now who work on modelling, rigging,  texture, visual effects, lighting and compositing, strategy, colouring and so goes on the endless list. Also, now studios specifically work on pre and post production individually focusing on their strengths on one project and eventually combining them together to produce stellar results.

Studio Climb and Passion Republic of Malaysia are reflective of the aforementioned evolution in the animation industry. While Passion Republic works on the on-screen animation and effects, Studio Climb works on the pre-production right from storyboarding to environment design to mecha designs.

Studio Climb

Climb works exclusively on pre-production and builds the solid foundation for the animation before it can take off. It transforms the given pitch and ideas from words to visuals and creates specific instructions for all further steps to avoid future costly mishaps. With immense experience comes the understanding of the process which is exactly what works in the favour of Climb. They understand the intricacies well enough to chart it all out and fit it perfectly into the actual animation process and the end result. Climb’s portfolio includes concept art, character/creature design, environment/set design, mecha design and story boarding. Their services also include digital matte/background painting, prop design, mechanical design and animatics.

Concept Artconcept art_climb


Environment Designenvironment design_climb


Character Design

character design__climb


 Mecha Design

mecha design


 Passion Republic

Passion Republic is studio dedicated to Animation of various kinds. They work on fulfilling needs under producing creative direction, game cinematic, next gen game characters, assets, or animation. Republic works on great digital art and content and specialise in the mecha direction of animation be it fire breathing robotic dragons or the eternal futuristic war between humanoids and fireball producing machine.

Sword Edge



Concept Art

passion republic concept art


FMV Renders

fmv render passion republic




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