June 12, 2013

Adieu Premier Padmini

Of the things or experiences that any visitor or resident would associate Mumbai city with, the iconic Premier Padmini Taxis (Fiat 1100 D) would certainly be among the first few and memorable. Equipped with uncanny interiors, rickety seats, loud ‘taxi art’ and usually equally flamboyant drivers, Premier Padmini has veined through Mumbai since last three decades.

Though the government has been scrapping hundreds of the Premier Padmini taxis, the process will be at warp-speed now. This is because of a new resolution that has scrapped five years from the earlier deadline of 2018 to 31st July 2013. This leaves us with only a few more weeks with the iconic ‘kaali-peeli’ which has struck a cord with our creative community.

And thus we want you to share your experiences of the Premier Padmini with us- any piece of art, illustration, design or project inspired by the iconic taxi. Send your entries at editor@kyoorius.com  with the subject as ‘Adieu Premier Padmini’.

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  1. Pritha



    Maybe they should just leave ten in the city — so we know that they still exist and every tourists desire to sit in one can still be fulfilled!!!

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