June 6, 2012

Jayesh Sivan

Jayesh Sivan says he’s always been in love with colours and the wonderful world it makes around him. His love for drawing things was apparent from an early age and his family encouraged him further. He says he had a habit of drawing whatever he saw, and started drawing for children’s magazines while pursuing his graduation in BFA from the College of Fine Arts, Kerala University.

He graduated in 2006 and has been working on various illustrations and communication design projects since then.

When starting a new assignment, he says he always starts with the brief, underlining phrases or noting down words that come to mind while reading. “After I feel like I have a good understanding, bit of research and covered pages with words, thoughts, concepts, questions, answers and feelings, I create a mood-board first to get the look and feel of the illustration.Then I start to form a visual idea using pencil and paper. I draw my lines mainly with Rotring pens, sometimes with brushes or marker pens.Then I digitally scan them to create layers of textures or digitally colour and compose together in Photoshop or Illustrator. I like to experiment at this stage. I look for colour palettes that match the concept, then add and experiment with the colours till I am satisfied. It depends on the result I want to achieve and what is most appropriate to the subject. Sometimes I use water colours, or colour pencils and pens for small scale pieces. If I use Adobe Illustrator, then I first trace the line work, add colours, and then play with colours and moods, gradients, textures etc,” he shares. Jayesh says he likes quirky designs that lift up his mood instantly.

Jayesh loves German illustrator and graphic designer Christoph Niemann’s works. “His illustrations are really communicative and every illustration has a solid concept. The humor in his illustrations towards different issues amazes me. Since July 2008, Niemann has been writing and illustrating the Whimsical Abstract City, a New York Times blog. Since 2011, it is called Abstract Sunday. He is a great source of inspiration,” he adds.

As for the source of his daily inspirations, Jayesh says he loves traveling and is influenced by the things that he sees — nature, surroundings, birds, forest and rivers. “For me, inspirations are everywhere. When I started living in Bangalore, this city inspired me a lot- walking in the streets, daily traffic, music, films, art history, children’s books, the Internet and sometimes sitting alone in Cafe Coffee Day with a cappuccino can bring out long-lost ideas and memories of the places I have traveled to,” he says.


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